About us

Improving health and happiness – naturally. Your wellness is our passion.

Clear Choice CBD is committed to improving health and wellness through alternative natural supplements. All our products are subject to extensive testing, ensuring we provide our customers with only the highest quality available. We walk the extra mile in quality testing by having our products tested through a third-party, as we aim to ensure only the highest level of excellence in product quality control.

We’re encouraged in our mission of good health when hearing customer success stories.

Health is natural, so why use supplements that aren’t?

We firmly believe that the healing power of nature is beyond that of synthetic substances. Our products are packed with natural cannabinoids, substances which are also present in the human body. By extracting CBD, the most beneficial cannabinoid currently known, for use in our supplements, we strive to offer a product that lives up to and exceeds expectations.

Why Choose Us?

Made in the USA

From start to finish, our products are produced locally in the US. US quality standards are met, while also minimizing transportation needs, reducing our carbon footprint.

Third-Party Tested

Our products undergo strict third-party testing to ensure unequalled quality standards. Enjoy our products knowing they’re the best available.

Grown Naturally

As a naturally pest-free plant, hemp doesn’t need pesticides. We source hemp from the best US farmers, ensuring compliance with our strict quality standards.

Dosing Information

How to Take CBD Oil?

Administer a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue, as this is one of the best methods for optimal absorption. This method allows the active ingredients to be readily absorbed through mucus membranes under the tongue, bypassing the digestive system and the need for processing through liver metabolization. While CBD may be ingested normally, the sublingual method speeds up the process for faster results.


How Much CBD Oil Can I Take?

It’s recommended to start with a lower dose of CBD oil, spreading out small dosages throughout the day rather than taking one big dose. After using the same dose for a few days, you can gradually increase the dose as necessary. However, don’t assume a higher dosage will be more effective, as your body can only process a certain amount at a time. There should be an optimum amount for your body and you’ll soon discover it.

Certificate of Analysis

The amount of THC present in Clear Choice CBD products in under the legal limit of 0.3%. This classifies it as a non-psychoactive substance ensuring it’s safe to use for adults, children and animals.

In rare cases, intolerance of CBD products can lead to side effects such as dry mouth, dizziness and faintness. We aren’t legally permitted to provide dosages and recommend consulting with a doctor before using our products. Always talk to a doctor before using CBD products, especially if you have a history of addiction and mental illness, or if you’re pregnant/breastfeeding.


Please see certificates of analysis:


CBD 1000MG

CBD 1500MG


is the legal limit of CBD in the US.

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